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M1 Garand Thumbsaver


M1 Garand Thumbsaver


• No more loose springs!
• Hardened 4150 Steel with a parkerized finish
• A redesigned, not modified, OpRod catch.
• Allows easy, simplified loading of the enbloc clip.
• Prevents M1 thumb!
• Eliminates timing issues.
• Allows single shot or less than full clip loading and firing.
• With an empty clip latched in the receiver, single rounds can be loaded into the clip, 1 through 8. when you have as many as you wish, just pull charging handle to release bolt.
• Disables auto ejection of empty clips.
• No more lost clips.
• No more stock dings from flying clips.
• The rifle is not modified and can be converted back to GI by replacing the Device with the original catch.
• NO tools needed.
• Installation takes only a few minutes.
• Great for younger, older, or disabled shooters, allows the shooter to use both hands to load clip. Some of those springs are strong.
• Operation of rifle with upgrade:
-Insert loaded clip until it clicks in place.
-Pull rearward on charging handle and release to chamber round.
-When clip is empty depress the clip latch on the left side of the receiver.
-Fit, function, and satisfaction guaranteed.


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